We create a new and 16-times higher visibility than other advertising methods.

Our VGS concept – “VISIBILITY GENERATES SUCCESS” – makes it possible for clubs, countries, companies, people, brands and products to attain the highest possible visibility!

Our customised marketing, product and advertising concepts are unique, individual and proven by studies to produce an up to 16-times longer customer attention time and consequently a verifiably far more deeply imprinted product awareness.

This results in greater visibility: “IT” leaves a lasting impression on the mind.

Thanks to this effect, marketing generates more turnover – or, in advertising campaigns or promotional activities, the advertised product remains much more firmly embedded in the mind of the end consumer than is the case with conventional campaigns.


A significant advantage of our concept is in fact its immediate comprehensibility – something which can be proven in a comparison test. Anyone can immediately test it out for themselves: take a foam hand with 4-fold animation and compare it to a “regular” sign or banner. Ask 10, 50 or 100 people which product creates more attention and recognition.

The answer will be very clear!

Concepts for mega events

We’re already developing mega-event concepts and unusual products for several Bundesliga clubs, such as Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund, as well as customers from the Premier League. We’re currently developing a display for the UEFA European Championship and the World Cup with animation merchandise products, which has already been commissioned by the food retail trade. We also produce unusual products for events like the CHIO in Aachen and for further partners from the free market. Our concept, which we call “360* Degrees”, has many advantages: the market is opened up by means of various promotional presentations of the product – while at the same time, we market these products comprehensively to the retail market if desired.

Particularly for brands, it’s thus possible to achieve the highest possible visibility. Our business ideas are also linked to a plan to support foundations with part of the profits.

Why include VGS products in your range?

– Our products fit the brand 100% – all our concepts are individually adapted and produced for it! We’re also able to apply the concept to existing products and, for instance, to animate the packaging of the products accordingly.

We’re able to generate high visibility and also even gain advertising time on TV at no expense whatsoever. In addition, we generate an extra “coolness factor” and operate in a future-oriented way.

Who needs our products?

– Our products are also ideal for product packaging and visibility at the point of sale, advertising through outdoor visibility (city lights, house animations, escalator animation, magazine advertising, etc.), mega-events, stadium events and live broadcasts. The products with animation are also a very promising area for the retail market (in several distribution channels) and are a mainstream advertising vehicle for social media channels: why? At e.g. Bundesliga events or Formula One races, fans from all over the world are watching. TV broadcasts, in which banners and perimeter ads hardly get a look in, become major visibility carriers for a sponsor with our products.

Add to this a further possibility: everyone has to visit food retailers, beverage traders, hardware stores, petrol stations, etc. These alone offer about 40,000 points of sale – and that doesn’t even include specialist retailers like sports shops, department stores and the option of marketing via social media channels! Here, the distribution of brands is additionally possible via co-branding on individual merchandise articles.

Audience ratings are extremely high for live TV broadcasts, and have an enormous outreach thanks to international players, racecar drivers and other athletes or celebrities.

As a rule, it’s extremely difficult to achieve visibility as a brand or company at stadiums/concert halls, racetracks or events outside the sports arena. High visibility is hardly possible with small advertising boards. Only those who are ready to be more daring will receive the attention that the company desires.

Appearances by bloggers, athletes or fans (with a wide outreach on the social media channels) can be another tool for conveying a brand or a name to the world. In this area, it’s possible to create a very big promotional effect with few resources. Our products are unique and patented – and therefore completely new, limited editions!

Who definitely needs our products?

Not only are they excellently suited for special kinds of prize competitions and for charity campaigns, but in particular for a limited collection of select merchandise articles as well – from clothing, accessories and daily consumer articles to interior design and spatial building animation.



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We work with moving image animation!

Can be used flexibly without a power source

Our moving image animation requires no electricity or any other form of energy, no projectors for playing the animation – and it’s also light and able to cover entire buildings or bridges.

This isn’t possible with LED displays due to their great weight. Our animation can be applied to almost every product.


Our patented real image transmission on foil (animation like a video) enables the highest possible attention/visibility to be achieved. The foils can be utilised in many different ways: as edging, clothing, headpieces, luggage, tile covers, as any size of wall animation, as a city light, in print media or as flyers, and can also be affixed to trucks, cars and trains. By this method, posters and even floor animations or product packaging (bottles or beverage crates) are possible in real-image video animation. Products of all kinds, such as our patented animated hats – e.g. in the form of baseball caps and beanies – or beverage coasters, beverage coolers, balcony cladding, pennants and many, many more items make a great, sustainable product or giveaway and have a long advertising effectiveness.

Up to 30% more advertising space at events

We’re able to generate up to 30% more advertising surface than other advertising media from most event locations (no matter the size).

– It’s ultralight and can therefore easily be installed and deployed in event halls, houses, buses, cars, car tuning, living areas, bridges, floors, shop windows, escalators and underground stations. A further advantage, important for every company, is that it costs markedly less than an LED screen (which also offers considerably fewer possible applications than our VGS foil). In addition, the right merchandising products or giveaways will remain in households as “long-term advertising media”.

Advertising effect after the event

After the event is over, they’re taken home and kept as souvenirs of the experience, e.g. in the form of a foam hand, an animated baseball cap or cool beanies, to show them to friends and acquaintances and tell them about the event.

With our ideas, the products will achieve incredible visibility on the street and give every “wearer” or “user” that unique, special feeling. Our 360* Degrees campaign will also prompt people to look.

We’ve verified a 16-times higher visibility than with any comparable campaign!

Extremely high visibility

This is why, for example, the 4-fold animated foam hand or the 4-fold animated seat cushion (which we’ve patented worldwide) achieve extremely high visibility, show 4 different animations/messages at the same time, and are thus also optimally suited for co-partners of associations and for sponsors. The video-animated foil makes it possible to play a moving image or video segment without electricity or technology (on 65 cm, I can play 3 seconds of movement). If you think about how many metres you can cover in 3 seconds walking at a normal pace, that’s a lot of length. There’s no limit to the possible size of the animation. The “playback” is simply activated by the viewer’s energy as they pass by and produces an exponentially greater advertising effectiveness and fascination than any other method.

Worldwide patent protection

Our products can be transported without any problem and pose no safety risks whatsoever (no trouble getting admitted to event venues, aircraft or other high-security areas), because e.g. the foam hand is made of foam material and with our extremely light, thin foil poses no safety problems. The product has been developed by us and is protected by our patent lawyers worldwide.