Thomas Wirth / Partner

Thomas Wirth, born 1971 in the Ruhr region, is – as he says himself – “a driven man”.
Once he’s decided to do something or been captivated by an idea (as in the case of VGS), his thoughts are always focused on doing “IT” in an even better, more unique and innovative way.

Wirth has 23 years’ experience in textile management. He worked his way up the ladder, through every job – starting as an area manager, then key account manager, sales manager, sales director, creative director, all the way up to the CEO and Vice President of an international group. He has thereby acquired extensive knowledge and has an extremely large network at his disposal today.

Known and valued as “a businessman whose handshake is as good as a signed contract”, Wirth says what he thinks and thinks what he says. He has had a lasting impact on the textile market.

He has been substantially involved in the development of worldwide product and material innovations – e.g. Hyperflex – and has thus revolutionised and changed the world of fashion.

Wirth, who was most recently responsible as the CEO and Vice President, was highly successful in reintroducing the brand REPLAY (the last turnover was over € 300 million) into the SMART PREMIUM MARKET.

Today, he works as the founder and CEO of several companies in the field of visibility.
His worldwide patents and unique, progressive concepts (as he says, no one wants to “see boredom”) give people, products, countries, brands and companies a 16-fold higher visibility than any other comparable approaches.

He describes his strategy for success in commerce in the following very brief yet self-explanatory phrase:

“VGS – Visibility Generates Success!”

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